1. Food PackagingOur products are most often used for food packaging industry, and there are common and functional adhesives to choose from on the basis of different application cases.
    1. Everyday Chemical PackagingAside from food packaging, our adhesives are also usually adopted to make packages for everyday chemicals. Based on specific application, various kinds of common and functional adhesives are supplied.
    1. Pharmaceutical PackagingOur common and functional adhesives suit for different kinds of pharmaceutical packages, and the following is a brief selection guide.
    1. Decorative Building MaterialsIn recent years, our adhesives have been successfully applied in decorative building materials, and this market increases the fastest among all the application fields.

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    1. General Purpose SeriesHigh transparency, excellent elasticity, high bonding strength, good frost resistance, no peculiar smell, as well as good resistance to aging, good machinability and wettabilty. Can bond different substrates including PET, BOPP, CPP, VMCPP, VMPET, NY and aluminum foil. Proper viscosity, can work when the solid content varies within a comparatively large scope.
    1. 121℃ Boiling Resistant SeriesHigh transparency, acid medium resistance, fast curing speed, high temperature resistance, has the advantages of good elasticity, aging resistance, no smell. Has great initial viscosity and bonding strength on plas/plas, plas/aluminum, plas/aluminized film and so on, resistant to cooking sterilization 121℃ for30 minutes.
    1. Aluminum Foil Lamination SeriesHas a wide use on cable outer sheath and diverse air conduits. Good leveling, low viscosity, high initial adhesions, high bonding strength after cure, good resistance to acid, hot and alkali media as well as 100℃ boiling. and it is often applied to bond high grade packaging materials including plas/plas or aluminum (aluminizing)/plastic.
    1. Low Residue SeriesTwo component solvent-based functional adhesive, high solidity and low viscosity, It is able to endow the finished laminate with some outstanding properties, such as rapid cure, resistant to ageing, acid and hot media, easy to eliminate composite white dots, and it can be used when the solid content is pretty high (35%-40%).
    1. Thick Film Separation-Resistant SeriesEspecially suitable to bond thick materials, it possesses many remarkable properties, such as high initial and final bonding strength, good resistance to 100℃ boiling, acid and hot media, educt. When used on laminated iron, it possesses properties such as film flexibility, good resistance to shock and can effectively eliminate flakes.

PU Adhesive for Dry Lamination

The PU adhesive for dry lamination is meticulously crafted on the basis of leading-edge production technology, reasonable technical formulation, high quality raw materials, strict production control and weight inspection. This laminating glue complies with ISO quality standard, EN71-3/ASTM F963-07 standard, Directive 2005/84/EC and other relevant international standards.

Our product is characterized by stable quality, good transparency, high bonding force, outstanding adaptability, convenient use and proportioning, etc. So, it is universally used for the dry lamination of PET, NY, OPP, PE, CPP, VMOPP, VMPET, Al and other packaging materials. Moreover, it is also applicable for decorative material, laminated steel, Al foil shielding layer of cable and more. In general, our dry lamination PU adhesive is the ideal choice for food and pharmaceutical packages.