1. Food PackagingOur products are most often used for food packaging industry, and there are common and functional adhesives to choose from on the basis of different application cases.
    1. Everyday Chemical PackagingAside from food packaging, our adhesives are also usually adopted to make packages for everyday chemicals. Based on specific application, various kinds of common and functional adhesives are supplied.
    1. Pharmaceutical PackagingOur common and functional adhesives suit for different kinds of pharmaceutical packages, and the following is a brief selection guide.
    1. Decorative Building MaterialsIn recent years, our adhesives have been successfully applied in decorative building materials, and this market increases the fastest among all the application fields.

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About Us

DONGPENG Chemical is a renowned Chinese manufacturer with more than 50 years of hands-on industry experience. Our main products include solvent-free PU adhesives as well as alcohol and ester soluble gravure printing inks. PU adhesive for dry lamination is available. These products have found extensive applications within industries such as food, medicine, packaging, electronics, and building material. As a professional manufacturer, we offer both OEM and ODM services.

Our company is located within the Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province. We are an "Advanced Provincial Enterprise" that specializes in the development, production, and distribution of inks and adhesives. Our modern base spans a total of 70,000 square meters. We succeeded in surpassing previous revenue records for nine consecutive years, starting in 2004. Our projected revenue for the 2013 fiscal year exceeds 200 million RMB.

We have introduced the JINTAO brand to embody the finest in dry lamination PU adhesives. Products in this critically acclaimed series feature quality consistency and a diverse range of specifications. DONGPENG is the first domestic manufacturer of eco-friendly alcohol-soluble gravure printing inks. This line of PU-based inks is independently developed and has been widely distributed across China since 2007. Our CNINK brand epitomizes high-quality Chinese ink and has received widespread approval from international clientele.

Internal restructuring has transformed our company from a state-owned enterprise to a private entity. Decades of hard work and the continual introduction of new technology has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the competition. Our distribution center is staffed by a professional sales team. This modern facility includes departments for after-sales service as well as domestic and foreign distribution. Its operation ensures standardized distribution, accurate market analysis, and the steady expansion of our client-base.

Product quality is very important to us. Our workshops are placed under constant supervision. Selective inspection is conducted on semi-complete products, in accordance with ISO requirements. Finished products are subjected to another round of rigorous sampling and testing. Unsatisfactory results will render the entire batch obsolete. This uncompromising stance on quality guarantees the integrity of shipped products. Our technical support department consists of knowledgeable representatives, all of whom can provide informative advice before, during, and after a sale. Services such as on-site support and technology tracking are available.

Development for a brand new series of inks and adhesives is currently underway! We strive to provide technologically advanced products and considerate services that can benefit both you and your target demographic!