1. Food PackagingOur products are most often used for food packaging industry, and there are common and functional adhesives to choose from on the basis of different application cases.
    1. Everyday Chemical PackagingAside from food packaging, our adhesives are also usually adopted to make packages for everyday chemicals. Based on specific application, various kinds of common and functional adhesives are supplied.
    1. Pharmaceutical PackagingOur common and functional adhesives suit for different kinds of pharmaceutical packages, and the following is a brief selection guide.
    1. Decorative Building MaterialsIn recent years, our adhesives have been successfully applied in decorative building materials, and this market increases the fastest among all the application fields.

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Cooperative Partners

1. One Trading Company in the Philippines
Our cooperative partnership dates back to 2011, and this trading company becomes one of our demonstration clients as it averagely needs 2 containers (40GP) of printing ink every month. We two often make frank discussions and exchange ideas to benefit both sides.

The client regards us as a trustworthy partner, and our products are preferentially recommended to end users. As the end users’ feedback says, our product shows stable quality and delivers perfect performance.

2. One Trading Company in Vietnam
This trading company started business cooperation with us over two years ago, and it has shown stable need for our adhesives. "The Vietnamese market has ever-growing demand for adhesives, and we want to keep this cooperation relation with DONGPENG on the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit", says the client.

3. One Color Printing Company in Mexico
At the beginning of 2013, the Mexican company purchased our ester soluble gravure printing ink for the first time. The client says "According to actual performance, the printing result is very satisfying, and the reproducibility is pretty good. This product is much more economical and practical than similar types of inks we adopted before, and we are planning to make a second order after this."

4. One Decorative Plastic Company in Guangzhou City, China
This company has been using our adhesives for nine years, and our products are thought to be of high quality and low price.

5. One Group Company in Guangdong Province, China
This group company has been using our adhesives for seven consecutive years since 2006.

6. One Plastic Company in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China
The plastic company started commercial business with us in 1997, and our adhesives have been adopted for 15 years. After our successful development of alcohol soluble gravure printing ink several years ago, we received the client’s invitation to tender and finally won the bid. During the long-lasting process of cooperation, our product quality and service are highly appreciated.

7. One Color Printing Company in Shandong Province, China
The color printing company, focused on the flexible packages for both domestic and overseas markets, purchases our adhesives and printing inks simultaneously, and our products are considered to be environmentally friendly and of great quality.

8. One Packaging Company in Fujian Province, China
This company is mainly concentrated on the production of pharmaceutical packages, and it has been using our adhesives and printing inks for many years.

The pharmaceutical package should have good eco-friendly performance as well as low residual solvent, and our products perfectly meet these requirements without any exception. In addition, the finished packages are highly praised by the downstream customers.

9. One Color Printing Company in Guangxi Province, China
This client is primarily specialized in manufacturing export packages, and the corresponding products are sold to countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, etc. With the help of our products, its annual output value has increased from several million CNY to dozens of million CNY.