1. Food PackagingOur products are most often used for food packaging industry, and there are common and functional adhesives to choose from on the basis of different application cases.
    1. Everyday Chemical PackagingAside from food packaging, our adhesives are also usually adopted to make packages for everyday chemicals. Based on specific application, various kinds of common and functional adhesives are supplied.
    1. Pharmaceutical PackagingOur common and functional adhesives suit for different kinds of pharmaceutical packages, and the following is a brief selection guide.
    1. Decorative Building MaterialsIn recent years, our adhesives have been successfully applied in decorative building materials, and this market increases the fastest among all the application fields.

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Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

For the purpose of environmental protection, energy conservation and low carbon emission, the applied reaction kettle makes use of high-barrier materials to reduce heat loss to the largest extent, and the completely closed production mode minimizes volatilization loss of raw materials. Meanwhile, a solvent processing system is installed, and it is both safe and eco-friendly.

In particular, the production process doesn’t rely on benzene any more, and the alcohol soluble gravure printing ink gets rid of benzene and ketone at the same time. This meets the requirement of green package, and it is helpful for the environment.