1. Food PackagingOur products are most often used for food packaging industry, and there are common and functional adhesives to choose from on the basis of different application cases.
    1. Everyday Chemical PackagingAside from food packaging, our adhesives are also usually adopted to make packages for everyday chemicals. Based on specific application, various kinds of common and functional adhesives are supplied.
    1. Pharmaceutical PackagingOur common and functional adhesives suit for different kinds of pharmaceutical packages, and the following is a brief selection guide.
    1. Decorative Building MaterialsIn recent years, our adhesives have been successfully applied in decorative building materials, and this market increases the fastest among all the application fields.

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Drying Skills for Printing Ink
For sales personnel, front-line workers and technical support representatives in printing industry, one of their most frequently asked questions is how to solve drying problems when ink is printed on coated and uncoated paper. To find the answer to this question, two fundamental theories must be understood first.

Common Problems for Adhesive
The applied solvent contains acid, alcohol, ammonia and other substances that could offer active hydrogen, so the raw materials should be meticulously examined.

How to Ensure Good Bonding Strength?
After several years of rapid development, flexible packages are pretty mature products now. However, some PU adhesive manufacturers still encounter different problems from time to time, and the most common one is low bonding strength, or in other words, the bonding strength’s decreasing trend as time goes.

Troubleshooting for Dry Lamination PU Adhesive
Phenomenon: There are bubbles in the laminated film.
Possible Reason: Solvent residual resulted from too low temperature of drying tunnel
Solution: Increase the temperature of drying tunnel, and adjust the air flow and speed